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Teeth; the First Bite Cover

Title & Author: Teeth: The First Bite (Teeth Paranormal Series, Book 1), Chele Cooke

Genre & Publication Date: Paranormal, January 8, 2015

Book Description: “Medical intern Thomas awakes in a blood-drenched basement and the realisation that his life must change forever. After all, how can he practise medicine when the smell of blood turns him into a vicious killer?

Spencer thinks being a vampire is better than any teen movie made it out to be. Now he must train Thomas and make his mentor proud.

One mistake risks more than either are willing to lose, and a single broken law could turn them from predators to prey.”

First Line: The bathroom tap was leaking again.

My Take: This book was provided to me by the author for review.

This one wastes no time in grabbing the reader by the neck and dragging them into the story. I love when a book begins with a great disturbance that fills me with lots of questions but few answers..and oh yeah, a bloody scene with a dangling body gets me too, every time.

We follow the birth of a new vampire, Thomas, as well as those impacted by the consequences of his creation. Like a newborn, his training in the vampire life has some bumps. So many vampire tales depict these creatures as awakening with an immediate sense of themselves and what they can do. It was refreshing to read a story that doesn’t wholly romanticize the transformation. Even learning how to feed is rocky with a few graphic scenes that had me wincing (in a good way).

There’s also some very interesting vampire intrigue among the ranks, specifically centered around a particular law mentioned in the book description. It’s an interesting restriction that, again, is uncommon for vampire stories.

And I can’t help but call out a hilarious interaction, as well as a great example of the unexpected slant on this genre, between newborn and trainer while discussing how to handle prey:

“In those stories, the…the…people have the power to change their memories.”

“Well, you ever physically addle someone or move a table with your mind, you let me know…it’s not like we’ve changed into something new, it’s that we’ve reverted to something old.”

One reader tip, do not sit down to a plate of spaghetti and meatballs when starting this one, not with an author who has a talent for imagery like this one!

The Magical: The characters are distinct, one from another, which isn’t easy to accomplish in a novella. There were none that seemed like “generic vampire”. Like the humans they once were, they each have their own views and personalities without becoming cliche.

The Mundane: Avoiding spoilers, I would’ve liked to know more about the leader of the house. I didn’t get a feel for his influence or history, but I sense he was important. As this is just book one, I’m hoping there is more to come on this.

Summary of Thoughts: I enjoyed the unique take on vampiric life in this book and it’s currently $2.99 on the Kindle. The market has seen a lot of these midnight creatures in the genre’s post-Twilight era. To stand out requires more than a rehash of the same ole stuff and this story certainly accomplishes that, combining the paranormal with the interpersonal in an engaging, visceral read.


Many thanks to author Chele Cooke for providing a copy of the book to review!

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