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With plans to publish my first book next year, I took my blurb for a check-up with the Blurb Doctor at Planetary Defense Command. Proof positive that blurbs are hard! Thanks for the prescription, doc!

Planetary Defense Command

Anela has asked me to look at the first draft of a blurb for her upcoming work, “A Ransom of Flames”.

A deadly blight. A crownless queen. A journey to the edge of the world.

A mysterious blight is destroying the world of Aeden. At the return of each full moon the Vehlek, immortal men forged by fire and stone, come to retrieve the blood sacrifice that will hold back the tide of death. For Maleia, the next sacrifice brings with it a terrible loss.

Married to the son of the man who stole her throne, she has sworn to find vengeance. But when a cure to the blight is found, Maleia decides that even without a crown, she must protect her people. Guided by the Vehlek, she undertakes a dangerous journey across the world to find it. But every day that passes, the blight grows stronger and the road…

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