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That’s the question I get stuck on at every writing session. Now, I did do some prep work before this NaNo monster took over my life. I’ve got the story planned out from start to finish, the main events determined, the relationships I want to build jotted down, but it’s that connective tissue that’s tricky. Sure I’ve got point A to Z figured out but how to arrive at each train station has me wishing the stories in my head came with a GPS.

My solution to this is to make a note of the gap and move on to the next part. A watched pot and all that. I let “the boys in the basement” work on the issue while I continue with other things. A term coined by author and writing coach James Scott Bell, it means that when you get snagged on some part of the story, don’t let it rob you of momentum. Your mind (the referenced “boys”) will continue to work on the problem even while you are writing something else. Then, suddenly, the solution emerges when you least expect it.

I’ve used this in the past and it definitely works. Considering the speed at which one has to barrel through the words during NaNo, remembering that bit of advice keeps the frustration monkey off my back.

“Hey, I can go back to it later. It’ll come to me.”

Who knew it could be so simple?

Current word count: 10,003

Words needed to reach goal: 39,997

Days remaining: 23

Units of madness: Incalculable


How is everyone else doing with their NaNo projects? What tricks do you use to push past the sticky spots?