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Title & Author: A Fairy Extraordinary Christmas Story, A.J. York

Genre & Publication Date: Fantasy, November 27, 2015

Book Description: “Upstairs in the Anderson’s attic there is chatter coming from the Christmas, Easter and Halloween boxes. Someone new has arrived. Tallulah the Christmas Fairy wakes to find herself attached to the top of a tree. She soon makes friends and has a magical first Christmas. Once the festivities are over, Tallulah finds herself in the attic with the other decorations from Easter and Halloween. Each year they watch the seasons change as they wait excitedly for their turn to go downstairs. Until one day new boxes appear and then the unthinkable happens. A Fairy Extraordinary Christmas Story is a magical and uplifting tale for the whole family.”

First Line: Tallulah had no idea she was alive.

My Take: This book was provided by the author for review.

I’m a fan of A.J. York’s stories and have reviewed some of her other wonderful work before. At just 6,000 words, this little Christmas tale was another example of great storytelling.

We follow Talullah (I always love the names for York’s protagonists!) from the moment she is made to the experience of her first Christmas in her new home at the top of a family’s Christmas tree. After the holidays she moves into the attic and meets the other decorations stored away until their time of the year. Heartwarming moments ensue.

Talking toys and decorations reminded me a bit of Toy Story but without the adversarial themes of those movies and with much more joy. Here is proof that a story doesn’t always require a “bad guy” to capture the imagination and have you rooting for the characters. It’s certainly more difficult, but for a talented author like this one, it’s as easy as figgy pudding.

As the journey continues, we’re witness to the changing seasons of not just the holidays, but of the lives of the family in the house as well. At turns sentimental and wistful, it’s a beautiful story rendered from a unique perspective.

The Magical: Definitely enjoyed the changes to the life in the house. It’s not just about one moment in time, one holiday, one Christmas. It’s the totality of them that is magical.

And once again, I adore the illustrations!

The Mundane: It took a moment for things to get going in the beginning, but I trusted that the story would soon pick up speed, and it did.

Summary of Thoughts: Currently this book is $2.99 on the  Kindle. It’s a lovely tale fit for children and adults alike. Proof that Christmas is not just a time of magic for children but for grown-ups as well, if we open our hearts to it. *cue snowflakes falling outside*


Many thanks to author A.J. York for providing a copy of the book to review!

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