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The 10th Edition of John Xero’s 101 Fiction e-zine was published today and is available for free at: http://www.101fiction.com/

What’s 101 Fiction? Micro stories told in exactly 100 words with a one word title, it’s the ultimate in brevity and an awesome writing challenge.

Why am I so excited about this? Two reasons: First, I’m a big fan of short fiction and of this particular e-zine. Second, because my story was published in this one!

For the link lazy, I’ve included my story below but be sure to head over to 101Fiction and grab yourself a story slice or two. Hey, eat the whole pie while you’re at it! This is one snack you won’t regret later  😉



They rose from the ash, gangly silhouettes emerging from the smouldering ruins of our city. The fire used to raze the brick and stone on which we’d built New Earth did not consume their curse. Here in this place where the decomposed ferment the soil, where rot draws breath anew, and death becomes a restless imitation, only our hopes stay slain. To any who receive this transmission, come no closer. Sensors may detect a fertile land below but it is a lullaby of nightmares. Only bones and darkness reside now. Adjust course and let this world be swallowed by stars.