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The Hugo. The Nebula. You’ve all heard of these two big Fantasy/Sci-Fi book awards. As you’ve probably heard, those have gotten rather political and ugly lately.

Well, there’s a new kid in town: The Planetary Awards

Created by the Commander at Planetary Defense Command, this award is one in which book bloggers, podcasters, and booktubers can nominate their favorite science fiction and fantasy books and short stories published in 2015. One of the three categories for an award is for, you guessed it, the self-published author. And thus, I give you my nomination for this award:

Blood Toy by B. K. Raine

blood toy

In 2015 I gave this gem of a book a five star rating, a score which I reserve for those books that go beyond the “I really liked it” to the “I loved this damn book!”. (For the review click here)

Why this book and not one of the others that received the max rating? It was a hard choice, to be honest. I actually made a list with all of them, citing what I loved, why I loved it, and what made each work special in its own way. In the end, it came down to a final factor: Risk taking.

While each of the other books are ones I recommend frequently to others, Blood Toy is the one that really stuck its neck out there and played with themes that many shy away from. It’s Uncensored. Unflinching. And it doesn’t apologize for it. In fact, if you expected such a thing from the main character, Diane, she’d probably kick your ass for the bother.

If there’s one thing I love in art, it’s when the creator risks pissing off a lot of people in pursuit of the character’s story. This is aside from the fact that she reinvigorated my love of the vampire for the terrifying creature of the night that it is.

Bravo, B. K. Raine, you have my nomination and my fervent hope for a win.

Now, gimme my sequel.