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Title & Author: The Spiral Effect: The Collector, James Gilmartin

Genre & Publication Date: Sci-Fi/Post-Apocalyptic, June 21, 2013

Book Description: “99% of the Earth’s population exhibits signs of telepathy and telekinesis.

99% of the Earth’s population is dying from a mysterious new disease.

The Collector, unaffected by the virus, has taken it upon himself to search for answers. Pushed by the single command: Find the Cause, Find the Source, Find the Beginning, he traverses through other minds, collecting memories in the hopes of finding a single clue that might lead to a cure.

But it isn’t so easy. Confused and frightened mobs attack hospitals. Jumpers steal bodies from the healthy. And some telepaths set dubious, mental traps. How will The Collector respond? What measures will he take to keep people from killing each other, all the while staying true to his goal? And what trouble lurks within his own mind?

This is only the beginning. Follow The Collector in his search for The Cause, The Source, and The Beginning, continued each quarter with a new novella.”

First Line: A hundred individual voices filter into my head.

My Take: This novella was provided by the author for review.

Let’s get the suspense out of the way…This was a great story. The main character, the Collector, was a fascinating character with a compelling voice. The side characters were intriguing. The villains had layers, and the post-apocalyptic world was, well, scary as hell.

In the Collector’s search for patient zero, the root of the virus, and in his ruminations as he views humanity’s growing chaos, there’s the impression that he is allied by an outside source. I was dying to know more and that mystery really grabbed my attention.

The novella is a scant 46 pages but it manages to build a complete world, integrating the past with the present crisis, and making the reader care about what happens to the people in it. Very well done.

The Magical: Definitely the battles of the mind! I don’t want to give much away, but let’s just say that harm can come from other sources than the external. *shiver*

The Mundane: 46 pages. Boo. I know it’s a novella but it felt more like the beginning of a novel than a self-contained story within a short work. When I got to the end I wondered if I’d forgotten to download the rest of it. Of course, this also shows how much I wanted to story to keep going:)

Summary of Thoughts: An excellent beginning to a unique post-apocalyptic world with a Sci-Fi twist. This author’s got game. It feels short at 46 pages but it has a lot of action and intrigue. Priced at just $0.99 on the Kindle, it’s definitely worth the money and I’m looking forward to the next installment.

Many thanks to author James Gilmartin for providing a copy of the book to review!


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