So Amazon, awesome as usual, already has my book up and running on their site. They quoted 72 hours (and 7 days for the author page) but of course are way ahead of schedule. Such is the reason so many love them:)

Definitely feeling a little freaked out having my work in the world now. The author brain is such a contradiction. One spends so much time and energy to write the thing, only to later anguish over the idea of others reading it. Maybe this is routine? Such a wicked taskmaster, this creative field.

At any rate, for those who have asked, yes, I’m setting up the print version too and should have that ready to go soon. I will also be publishing through Smashwords. I’ll give notice when all that’s done.

Amazon provides the first six chapters of A Ransom of Flames on the catalog page which really gives a good taste of what it’s all about. Starts out very dark, but I’ve always been partial to immediately torturing my main characters *smiles innocently*.

And finally, cover reveal below! My artist Janette Ramos did an amazing job. Such a talented (and infinitely patient) professional to work with. Find her website here.

So, how was it for any of you authors out there when you published your first book? Any queasiness? Anxiety? Thoughts of finding Thelma and heading to the Grand Canyon in a Ford Thunderbird?…Er, speaking purely in the hypothetical…