The award winners have been announced for the Planetary Awards! Check it out!

Planetary Defense Command

The winners have been announced in the 2015 Planetary Awards.

The winner for best short story was “Something in the Water” by C. S. Boyack. I wrote a little about the story when I nominated it, and I also reviewed the collection which contains the story.

I ‘ve read the winner for best novel, Torchship, but haven’t had time to write a review. There’s a brief review at Cirsova. The book has a following among fans of the television series Firefly, and I can see the similarities. Torchship is even structured like a TV series: broken into several sections which aren’t really separate enough to be standalone short stories, but aren’t tied together enough to be a single plot like you’d expect in a novel. If you don’t mind that structure, it’s an entertaining read, and I noticed it has just been released as an audiobook as well.

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