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Inquisitor, the third installment of Insurrection, is available on Amazon, hurray! This one was definitely challenging as it comes from the point of view of an antagonist. I have a greater appreciation for writers who integrate POVs of pure villains into their stories. Not an easy task! (FYI: There’s a truly chilling one in Koontz’s Watchers)

At any rate, it’s already gotten a couple of awesome reviews. Something unexpected: there’s a touch of fangirling going on with the Albatross, a main character who is the enigmatic leader of the insurgency. One of my reviewers called him “book boyfriend materal”. As a newly published Indie, hearing that a character I created is so evocative to a reader had me walking around with a big grin on my face:) Yeah, my work is rather unknown, and yeah, I’m not making huge profits from this writing gig right now, but it’s enough to know that those who’ve read my stuff are loving it. A small but happy fanbase is a win in my book.


In a not so distant future, an unprepared humanity barely managed to repel the Locusts when they invaded Earth. But the long war left its mark on mankind and the Establishment was founded to ensure it would never come so close to destruction from an alien force again. Now, decades later, the world is run by this single governing entity. Loyalty is rewarded. Disloyalty is met with corrective action.

Before the war, they called Harlow the Butcher. The Establishment calls him Inquisitor and he’s been handed his most intriguing subject: the Albatross, leader of the insurgency. But strange orders frustrate Harlow’s work. When an unexpected visitor arrives with an interesting proposition, Harlow might have the solution he needs. If not, well, his knives don’t care where the screams come from.

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