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Title & Author: Opposition Effect (Syzygy Book 2), J. K. Ullrich

Genre & Publication Date: Science-Fiction/Cli-Fi, October 23, 2016

Book Description: “In this second volume of the Syzygy series, colonial hero Ash and renegade Skye forge an uneasy partnership, launching an unauthorized mission that could mean survival for the lunar-dwelling remnants of the human race. But when their distrust undermines the effort, conflict between their teammates leads the entire company into disaster. Can Ash and Skye survive each other, and the shocking discovery that shatters every belief they held true?

Fans of contemporary science fiction classics like Orson Scott Card’s “Ender’s Game” and Margaret Atwood’s “Oryx and Crake” will enjoy the “Syzygy” novella series.”

First Line: “I can’t believe you talked me into this,” Rowan grumbled, drifting in front of the shuttle’s hatch.

My Take: This book was provided to me by the author for review.

The continuation of this Sci-Fi series takes readers on a return journey to Earth with a mission that could either be a complete disaster or the salvation of the human race — love it when a story puts the stakes as high as they can get. The mission itself is clandestine in nature because the leader of Ash’s colony flat out told him not to do it, but since the death of someone close to him (avoiding spoilers here), Ash isn’t quite as biddable as he once was. He wants a way to get humanity on its way to making Mars the new home in THIS lifetime, rather than the achingly slow progression it’s taking now. Even if the information source behind this mission comes from an enemy (our second protag, Skye), he’s willing to risk it. It’s a bold move that makes me really like the guy. Skye is still an enigma to me and her demeanor can seem chilly with a pinch of snark, but yet there’s this inner pain she struggles with that keeps her in my good graces. Most of that bluster comes from her struggle and her desperation. The interactions between her and Ash had me smirking frequently.

The mission itself is helluva rollercoaster with one obstacle after another thrown at them. Action, intrigue, and a load of twists that I did not see coming which is something I don’t say often!

The Magical: The reveals at the end, definitely! Of course, I can’t tell you why because that would be spoiler-y, but what a crescendo!

The Mundane: I thought Ash should’ve put a bit more thought into who would be on his team for the mission. The trust he placed in the person who helped him make his choices seemed a little flimsy considering he’s leading the mission. He’s not usually a leader though so maybe that’s why he dropped the ball on that part.

Summary of Thoughts: This second installment is an awesome follow-up to part one (read the review of the first novella Transient Phenomena). Things are escalating quickly, the intensity of the story along with it, leaving me and my theories of what was going to happen in the dust. I can’t tell you how much I hunt for that sort of thing in my reading  and how rarely I find it. If you haven’t gotten into this series yet, get started now. I definitely recommend it and cannot wait for part three!


Many thanks to author J. K. Ullrich for providing a copy of the book!

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