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Just a quick recommendation if you’re looking for something sweet and romantic to read this holiday season. “All the Stars Look Down”, a Christmas romance duo from Elizabeth Hunter and Grace Draven, had two endearing tales of love by this pair of amazing writers.


In SUNDAY’S CHILD, Grace Draven heats up a cold and lonely Christmas when museum archivist, Claire Summerlad, meets a mysterious new co-worker. Andor’s past may be a mystery, but is a future with Claire possible with a centuries-old punishment hanging over his head? Father Christmas meets Norse mythology in this brand new Christmas novella from the author of Master of Crows.

In LOST LETTERS AND CHRISTMAS LIGHTS, readers return to the Elemental Mysteries in an all new novella by Elizabeth Hunter. Giovanni Vecchio and Beatrice De Novo travel to Rome when an new mystery interrupts their Christmas. Fina Rossi may have been the director of the Vecchio library, but she wasn’t expecting vampires for the holidays! Christmas takes an unexpected turn when she meets her employers’ old friend, Zeno Ferrara. He has the key to solving a mystery plaguing Beatrice’s client, but he’s taken a far more personal interest in Fina.

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I absolutely adored “Sunday’s Child” because, seriously, how can you go wrong with a Saint Nicholas-Norse Mythology combo? Draven always delivers something unique and heartwarming. “Lost Letters and Christmas Lights” is similarly enchanting. The only addendum I’d add is that if you haven’t read any of Elizabeth’s Hunter’s Elemental series, there are mild spoilers in it, but nothing that should hinder your enjoyment if you decide to dig into that series later.

Give yourself or a romance reader a little love this Christmas and pick up this great read!