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Title & Author: Retrograde Motion (Syzygy Book 3), J. K. Ullrich

Genre & Publication Date: Science-Fiction/Cli-Fi novella, January 31, 2017

Book Description: ““Whatever’s going on here, it’s bigger than any one of us.”

Ash and Skye’s rogue mission to Earth uncovers a secret with profound implications for their rival lunar colonies. But threads of conspiracy reach all the way back to the moon, and a traitor in their midst is determined to keep the truth buried. With their air supplies running out, Ash and Skye’s only chance is an unprecedented alliance…with one another.”

First Line: Anela says, “Can’t put the first line in here because it would be a huge spoiler to the previous two books. Sorry!”

My Take: This book was provided to me by the author for review.

Treading carefully with this review since it’s the third book in the series and some seriously awesome and unexpected things happened at the end of book two that I don’t want to ruin for everyone. This third installment of Syzygy is packed with loads of intriguing twists and turns and some reveals that I didn’t see coming. A new group has come on scene with our two main characters, Skye and Ash, calling into question many of the truths both have believed their entire lives (Excellent job with the science involved in explaining them!). Now they have to figure who is behind the lies and why. At the same time they are forced to make drastic choices in order to bring vital information back to their people on the moon settlements all while trying to evade forces intent on making sure they never leave Earth alive. *pants* There was so much going on I was grateful I didn’t have to breathe through a filter mask like Ash and Skye while reading this or I’d have surely passed out.

Another great ending too, so not what I thought would happen. I had a total, “Whaaaat??” moment. Nice.

The Magical: The evolving relationship between Skye and Ash has me hooked. Enemies in the beginning, they are slowly starting to respect each other’s courage and sense of duty to their respective peoples, despite that those peoples are in conflict. I love the natural pace of this change.

The Mundane: If I had to point something out it would be that the first handful of pages felt a touch on the slow side. Didn’t matter in the long run though because I knew I’d suddenly be falling through the pages, which I did.

Summary of Thoughts: Currently this novella is $1.99 exclusively on Amazon. Be sure to check out my reviews of the first two installments if you’re new to this series: Transient Phenomena (Book One) and Opposition Effect (Book Two). Syzygy is such a unique story. I really haven’t read anything like it and I read all the time (Face-in-book syndrome, right here). Part Post-Apocalyptic, part Dystopian, all Science-Fiction, it’s a blunt confrontation with the mistakes of mankind and the slender hope for a future–if we can learn from the past.

If you’re on the hunt for good Sci-Fi, pick up book one today!


Many thanks to author J. K. Ullrich for providing a copy of the book to review!

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