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Some time ago I had the pleasure of reviewing a lovely book called Eliza Bluebell.

The short version: I raved and raved.

The long version: Read my review here

Today Only (Sunday, March 19th) the author is giving it away for FREE on Amazon for her fortieth birthday (Happy Birthday!!).

You can read the first chapter on the author’s website

Or better yet, download this delightful book — It’s free, people, just go for it!

Eliza Bluebell

In the picture postcard village of Blossom Brook, Eliza Bluebell arrives changing the lives of the locals forever. With the help of her playful shadow, Eliza transforms an empty shop on the High Street into the heart and soul of the village. Find out how and read this fantastical story about friendship, butterflies and fairy cakes.

Watch the book trailer!

Grab your copy!!