Happy Earth Day, fellow humans!

This weekend only pick up a FREE copy of Syzygy: Transient Phenomena, the first book in J. K. Ullrich’s action-packed Sci-Fi/Cli-Fi series. I’ve read every installment and it’s seriously awesome! Find more of my gushing in the complete book review here. Or just pick up your copy on Amazon right now!


Ash was never supposed to visit Earth. After a genetic engineering catastrophe wiped out civilization, the survivors—inhabitants of a lunar mining colony—planned to rebuild on Mars. That was before a group of rebels seceded to the dark side of the moon, taking critical materials with them. Now conscripted teenagers scavenge the ruined third planet for species to use in terraforming. At fifteen, Ash is the best diver in a generation. But when tragedy strikes, he vows to end his colony’s dependence on its old homeworld at any cost.

Skye has never set foot on Earth. It’s not even visible from the moon’s far side, although the exiles’ mystic leader promises they will return home someday. Skye has discovered something that could realize this long-awaited dream, but she’s an outcast among outcasts, and no one will listen to her plan. To save her people, she might have to betray them.

Worlds collide when Ash and Skye meet, blurring the boundaries between enemies and allies, deception and truth. Their choices could preserve a future for humanity…or finally drive it to extinction.

Fans of contemporary science fiction classics like Orson Scott Card’s “Ender’s Game” and Margaret Atwood’s “Oryx and Crake” will enjoy “Transient Phenomena”, the first installment of the “Syzygy” novella series.


Read Ullrich’s thoughtful post about Earth Day and learn more about her work at her website here

Have a great weekend everyone and don’t forget to hug a tree or roll around in the grass today! This old planet could use a little love.