OMG, this is the most entertainment I’ve gotten out of Star Wars since the original trilogy! MUST READ!

Wild Type

Two Decembers ago in a mid-sized East Coast city not far away, I took my family of multi-generational Star Wars fans to opening night of The Force Awakens.  Everyone enjoyed it: after enduring that wretched prequel trilogy in the 2000s, the franchise was finally fun again. And so, continuing the new tradition, we kicked off this year’s Yuletide festivities with a showing of The Last Jedi.

Bah, humbug.

TLJ It’s a shame that these potentially intriguing characters are less well-developed than their fight choreography.

Perhaps being an author makes me hypercritical of story-craft, but this latest Star Wars felt like a rough draft that never got the revision it needed: frantic and cluttered, with too many underdeveloped characters chasing too many flimsy objectives. Plot holes gape wider than the Pit of Sarlacc across two hours of uncoordinated narrative fragments garnished with thirty minutes of battle effects. Homage is not a story…

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