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It’s been a year since the last Planetary Awards season! I’ll spare you the where-did-the-time-go shtick (but seriously, where DID it go??). As it was last year, there are two categories: Shorter Story (under 40,000 words) and Longer Story (novels). Now, let’s get right to the meat of the matter: My nominations for 2017

Short Story

The Bitten Body by A. C. Spahn

Published November 1, 2017


Art by Nate Lovett Deviantart

I’ve come across a great Fantasy series published on Daily Science Fiction from self-published author A. C. Spahn titled “Cara Watt, P.I.” The P.I. stands for Paranormal Investigator, naturally. These are quick, clever little two-minute monster mysteries. I’m nominating the first installment, The Bitten Body, for a Planetary Award.

You can read the full series for free here on Daily Science Fiction.

Longer Story

The Rogue Prince (Sky Full of Stars, Book 1)

Published April 16, 2017


I’ve got to nominate “The Rogue Prince” for the novels category. This is a fun YA coming-of-age Sci-Fi series by Lindsay Buroker. Lots of action, hilarious dialogue, and a quirky heroine. I just enjoyed it so much. You can read my full review of the series here.

Good luck to all the nominees this year!

If you’d like to learn more about the Planetary Awards (and the other nominations), check out its dedicated site here