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A century after a genetic engineering disaster eradicates human life on Earth, two young rebels risk everything to save their struggling lunar outpost: Ash, reluctant champion of a DNA archive effort that runs dangerous missions back to Earth; and Skye, a cunning scavenger from a tribe of outcasts. Their fractious alliance reveals shocking truths concealed for generations and sparks one desperate hope for the future of their species.

This complete edition unites all six installments of the Syzygy hexalogy—Transient PhenomenaOpposition EffectRetrograde MotionEscape VelocityRed Shift, and Right Ascension—along with a previously unpublished prequel novelette.


Anela says: I’ve read all six installments of this thoughtful and thrilling Sci-Fi series, and can’t recommend it enough!

Book one of the series is free so grab it today, or better yet, download the full omnibus! The eBook is available for $4.99 on Amazon or via Kindle Unlimited.

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