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You might’ve noticed a couple of alternations on the ole website here. I’ve cleaned up the link headers at the top menu, made a few adjustments on the pages, and other odds n’ ends. I don’t have plans to change the entire look of the place (yet) but my intention is to focus this site on the author part of me rather than the blogger.

Don’t panic! I will continue doing book and movie reviews, posts about speculative fiction, and other fun stuff, but I’m closing down the areas where I accept requests from the public. This page will still be dedicated to showcasing Indie books exclusively, though the newsletter might include some traditional book recommendations as well.

It saddens me a bit to ease up on the book blogger aspects because I had so much fun with it, but there are only so many full-time jobs a single individual can do at the same time. Reducing this obligation will allow me to fulfill the promises to those whose books I have agreed to review and, more importantly, free up the time I need to prioritize my writing. Being an author has always been my passion ever since I was a scrawny elementary school kid huddled over my wide-rule notebooks, scribbling feverishly with my #2 pencil at the kitchen table. (By the way, there are actual pictures of little me writing stories that my mom took covertly, wild curly hair and everything — No, you don’t get to see them! *cowers in mortification*)

So, that’s the update. Some change, but I’m betting you won’t notice too much since I’ve kinda been doing this for a little while already. Now it’s just official.

On to the Free books!

There’s a Science Fiction book giveaway going on at Instafreebie right now. Optional Opt-in and there are some pretty cool books in there:) Have a look and see if you find your next favorite read:


I also wanted to showcase a Steampunk space opera called Eye of the Colossus that’s on sale for just 99¢ on Amazon (or free via Kindle Unlimited).  It has four and five-star reviews and looks pretty awesome.

Here’s the teaser:


Sufficiently teased? Find out more on Amazon and get your copy for only 99 pennies!

That’s all for now! Sending much love and hoping everyone is having a great week!