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Hey everyone, it has been a while since I posted last, hasn’t it?

No, I haven’t ditched the whole blogging thing, though now you see why I stopped actively accepting review requests. What have I been up to? Well, aside from the general distraction of the world devolving into daily insanity…


I discovered CloudLibrary! It’s a Kindle Fire app to access ebooks available through my local library. Now, you all know that I support indie books on this blog, but I do read trad pub books as well–When I can afford them because those suckers are usually $10 each. Sure, that’s not a ton of dollars but when you add a few of them together it turns into serious expense. Because of this I’ve had to be really, really selective on what I buy which means there are a ton of titles I wanted to read but couldn’t. Guys, this is why libraries exist and why they’re an extraordinary part of the community. I finagled the app onto my device, linked into my library and it was like…


…like someone flung open the doors to a jewelry store and said, “Go ahead, take any pretties you want. Enjoy them a while, and when you’re done, come back for something new.”

Not gonna lie, there was squealing. I’m not prone to high pitch noises, but I was making them. SO, I’ve been reading these past months. And reading. And reading. And, let’s see…yup, reading. I’ve got a large TBR pile and a marvelous dent has been forming in it.


Aside from reading, what else have I been up to?

I’ve also been writing. And writing. And writing. I’m hoping to publish two books next year – one in the Spring and one just before winter. This goal requires actually writing the actual words to finish the books, thus my long absence on the blog front. Kind of a bummer because I like blogging but time has to be found somewhere.


I am happy to report that you’ll be hearing from me more this month because I have a couple of big reveals coming. I’ve been working on a project since August that I’ll finally be able to unveil to you in the coming week or so. I’m really excited about it!!! Can’t tell you more than that because…


But the reveal is coming so stay tuned!

Also this month, I’ll be doing the cover reveal for Beneath Cruel Fathoms, the first book in The Bitter Sea trilogy, the new fantasy series I’m working on.

And meanwhile – yes, this is a long post, but news builds up after a few months;) – I wanted to draw your attention to an awesome new installment of the Uncharted Realms by Jeffe Kennedy. Her latest, The Arrows of the Heart, was a great read based in her Twelve Kingdoms fantasy world. Definitely recommended!


Love this cover. If you haven’t started this series, begin with the first book The Mark of the Tala, one of my favorites.

That’s all for now! More posts coming soon:)