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Some may or may not have heard of the Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off (or SPFBO) hosted annually at bestselling author Mark Lawrence’s siteThe short version: It’s an amazing competition for indie authors where bloggers highlight great stories out there that can get lost in the mountainous shuffle of online books.

The rules are simple: The book must be available to buy; it must be self-published and novel-length; and the story must be in the fantasy genre.


What does this have to do with huge sale?

This year I’m participating in SPFBO with my May release Beneath Cruel Fathoms and over 120 of us contestants got together to give you an unbelievable discount on over 100 books — All fantasy sub-genres included!

All books are priced at just $0.99 but only until August 20th!!

To have a look and pick up some reads CLICK HERE to go to the sale page. Everything has been organized into the fantasy sub-genres for easy shopping.

Don’t miss out! Head over there before the sale ends!