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Looking for some Sci-Fi this weekend?

Author A.C. Spahn’s Endurance is only 99 cents! For a limited time, you can grab the complete novella series all in one anthology – which includes 2 bonus short stories! Yay for bonus!!

“The perfect blend of classic science fiction tropes and modern sitcom humor.”
– New York Times Bestselling Author Michael Levin

“Fast paced story, good science fiction, funky aliens, and characters like you and me.”
– Goodreads Reviewer

“A good balance of action and character development, and pacing that keeps you reading without gasping from over exertion.”
– Author Tahlia Newland


A disrespected ship, exiled to lonely patrol in the dark corners of the solar system.
A crew of screw-ups, written off by the entire fleet.
They’re about to change everything.
If they don’t blow themselves up first.

Join the Endurance’s crew – a trigger-happy first officer, a hyperactive engineer, a shy covert operative, a conspiracy-spouting physicist, and a captain trying to earn his way back into his superiors’ good graces – as they explore the galaxy by accident and trip their way into saving the world.

This anthology includes all five Endurance novellas, as well as two bonus short stories.

Available everywhere! Grab your copy before the sale ends!