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Jessa Dimaandal from Skylark, Michigan, an award-winning poet who can’t write poetry anymore, not since what happened eighteen months ago. Below is the final verse she penned before her creative heart went dark.

Find out more about Jessa and the pixie knight she meets battling for his life by grabbing your copy ofHidden Magictoday!

What’s Jessa’s story, “A Veil is Parted,” about?

Simith of Drifthorn is tired of war.

After years of battle between the Thistle court and the troll kingdom, even a pixie knight known for his bloodlust longs for peace.

Meeting with the troll king in secret is the only hope for a ceasefire. When the trolls ambush him instead, Simith flees through a doorway hidden by magic into another world.

Wounded, he’ll need to defeat his pursuers and get home before anyone realizes he’s gone. If his commanders find out what he’s been up to…

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