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“‘Ender’s Game meets ‘Battlestar Galactica'” author J. K. Ullrich

“An interesting and gripping fast read that will have you eager to download the rest of the series” Whispering Stories Book Blog

Cover 1_Subversive

In a not so distant future, an unprepared humanity barely managed to repel the Locusts when they invaded Earth. The long war left its mark on mankind and the Establishment was founded to ensure it would never come so close to destruction from an alien force again. Now, decades later, the world is run by this single governing entity. Loyalty is rewarded. Disloyalty is met with corrective action.

As an inquisitor for the past twenty years, Gemson used torture and interrogation to root out subversives. He’d worked hard to earn his cold, hard reputation. Now he finds himself on the subject’s side of the interrogation table. Loyalty? Some bonds transcend the laws of state.



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