This is the first post on Amid the Imaginary. It is with eagerness and some nervous excitement that I send my words out into the ether, hoping they will be of some interest and use to readers and writers alike.

What can you expect? Discussion on the craft of writing, the self-publishing industry, but especially, book reviews of the fantasy/sci-fi/paranormal/dystopian genres in self-published works only. Why only self-published works? For a more lengthy explanation, please see my About page (including a bio of your humble correspondent).

My reviews will always be spoiler free (or if I’m reviewing a sequel I will call out spoilers in advance) and a straight forward assessment of what I thought of the story. As a writer myself, I know completing a novel is no small task. It is a great accomplishment, and so it is not my intent to tear down the work of any author. If a book was disappointing, I will say so with tact and my rating will reflect it.

I am not the Simon Cowell of literature.


Comments, even dissenting ones, are welcome.

So, without further delay, let’s set this blog on course with its first review and “Make it so” (obligatory Star Trek reference)