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A while back I mentioned I have a cyberpunk novel planned for 2018. My newsletter subscribers were the first to get these details and I’m super excited to now share the cover and synopsis on the blog!


There is only one rule: Never leave the settlement

Nobody remembers when human civilization fell to the living computer known as the Interspace. Trapped within its massive expanse, what remains of humanity struggles to survive. There are no maps to the outer grids, and drones patrol the network. Escape is impossible.

Except seventeen-year-old Sol can access the network’s secrets in her dreams. The information comes at a physical cost, but with food and medical shortages threatening her community, it’s a small price to pay for survival. The supply runs are also the best way to prove she can still contribute, especially after her recent epilepsy diagnosis took away the role she’d been training for.

When a grave mistake alerts the drones to her trespassing, Sol finds herself running for her life. She never expects to encounter Echo, a stranger who may hold the key to humanity’s freedom.

Together, Sol and Echo will attempt to reach the central core of the Interspace and shut down the system. To survive the journey, they will need to evade drones, signal towers, and a dangerous enemy known only as the Override. Even with Sol’s access to the network and Echo’s incredible abilities, they may still fail. The Interspace is always watching, and if they’re discovered, it will mean the final extermination of all mankind.

The book is available for pre-order for only 99¢ on Amazon.

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Publication date: May 20th

Not all books are fun to write but this one was the exception. Echo and Sol’s quirky dynamic and the dangers they faced together in their bid to save humanity was a joy to write. Teaser coming soon:)

Big props to Jenny at Seedlings Design Studio for creating that awesome cover! Her work is amazing, as is her talent with dealing with writers who flap around helplessly when asked what they’re looking for in a cover (Not me, um…it was someone I know who goes to another school…)