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The cover reveal for my new urban fantasy novel, NIGHT LATCH is here!!!!!!

Check out the spectacular cover art Seedlings Design Studio created for the book, including an original illustration of the novel’s main character. I am out of my mind ecstatic about it!!

What’s the story between this gorgeous cover about? I’m glad you asked:

Sam Alvarez doesn’t just open locks. He’s the key.

Living in Bellemer, Iowa, Sam leads a typical small-town life. When he’s not looking after his Nana or dealing with his mother’s expectations, he runs a one-man locksmith company. Unlike regular locksmiths, he can open anything with a touch and a wish, but Sam keeps that secret to himself. No reason to alarm the neighbors, after all. And if he sometimes feels an indefinable pull to do more with his life, well, that’s probably just indigestion.

Then one day, an unsettlingly beautiful out-of-towner asks for Sam’s help to open a door. Only one problem: The job’s in a graveyard. And the client? Turns out she’s Death.

Maybe that’s two problems.

When Sam unlocks more than he intended and demons come out to play, he discovers he’s far more than a locksmith with a hidden quirk. Now, he needs to figure out who he is and what he’s been called to do before darker forces close the door on him for good. 



Yes, you saw that release date correctly. NIGHT LATCH will be out in the world in no time at all and to celebrate I’ve set up an awesome giveaway contest. This is open internationally!

Preorder/order the book by October 8th for a chance to win…

– Fingerless Reading/Writing Gloves showcasing Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven” (From Storiarts)

– An adorable keychain with the words “Once Upon A Time…”

– A gorgeous writing journal from Barnes & Noble

– A postcard from the imagined city: Bellemer, Iowa – Sam’s hometown


** A $25 Amazon Gift Card **


1. Pre-order/Order the book on Amazon by October 8th (Tuesday)

2. Fill out the Google Form with your details*

And that’s it!!

*Hold on to your proof-of-purchase! The winner drawn will need to email a copy of their receipt to receive the prize (Can be a photo/scan/screenshot).

There’s no limit to how many times you can enter. If you buy three copies, make a note of that in the form and you’ll be entered three times. AND, I’ll send you big hugs for buying so many ♥♥♥

NOTE: I will accept entries until 11:59pm CST on October 8th, 2019. Again, this is open internationally.

Notification will be sent to the winner on Oct. 9, the day after the giveaway ends.