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Those of you who frequent the ramblings of my blog, or the newsletter, know that I’m almost finished with revisions of my first novel, “A Ransom of Flames”. Yes, I know, I’ve been saying that for a while now. It’s amazing how a teething baby can interfere with the writing schedule. But laments aside, the plan is still to publish this month. I went through all of my editor’s comments and now I’m doing a final read through to tighten up sentences and make everything as crisp as I can.

So, every writer has a few twitches when it comes to their prose. You know, that handful of words they tend to use over and over and over, unaware the mania is even happening.

A few of my own:

  • People meeting each other’s gazes–A little goes a long way. I had to take out a bunch of these. Seriously, it’s like I had them in staring contests.
  • WAY too much of the word “about”: Hands gripped “about” a weapon. Belts “about” the waist”. Cloaks “about” shoulders. Good GOD, already. Make it stop!
  • Tendency to…trail off dialogue sentences. Again, some of this is okay but I was…stretching it. I’ve mentioned this about a book I reviewed some time ago. Apparently noticing it while reading doesn’t mean it’ll be noticed while writing. *face turns red* Thank goodness for…revisions.

Publication will be a bit later in March than I thought, but better a small delay than rushing things out before they’re ready. Of course, a couple of weeks ago I took a short detour from revisions to start a Science-Fiction/Dystopia short story series titled “Insurrection”. The beginning installments will be published in the next few weeks. Constant rewrites started to drive me bananas. I had to break ground on something new.

Those of you who subscribe to the newsletter will get the first story of the series for free in the next edition. Not signed up? You can do so here

The cover of Book One:

Cover 1_Subversive

For now, it’s back to the revisions. I’m starting to understand why authors say they are sick to death of their book by the time it goes to publication. This will be my sixth time through.

What about you fellow authors out there? Any writer ticks you notice frequently in your manuscripts? What tricks do you use to find them/get rid of them?